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The Role Your Pet Plays in Your Home’s Air Quality

Pets play a very important role in the overall family dynamic and in making a difference in our lives.  They not only provide companionship to family members of all ages, but for elder persons they help to relieve stress, lower blood pressure, and even prevent other types of debilitating mental conditions.  Though the benefits of having a pet are many, most people do not realize that their pets can actually diminish the air quality in their home.

Pets and Indoor Air Quality

All pets shed hair and dander, which contribute to air pollution in your home.  Pet dander can easily make its way onto your furniture and under your sofas and chair cushions.  Additionally, it can get into your bedding and under your beds, in your closets, along the baseboards in your home and in your air ducts.  In order to control pet hair and dander in your home, added household chores are needed such as extra sweeping, vacuuming and dusting weekly as well as the laundering of your bed sheets and blankets.

As a result of pet dander, your HVAC cooling and heating filters need to be replaced more frequently as well.  The pet dander gets into the air in your home and eventually gets sucked up into your air vents causing your filters to get dirty and clogged faster, which causes the air in your home to become polluted and the quality of the air decreased.  For these reasons, the professionals here at M&A HVAC Services, LLC highly recommend you check your air filters at least once per month and replace them as needed.

Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

Clogged air filters can contribute to increased repairs to your AC system.  When air filters are dirty and clogged they cause your HVAC system to work harder and longer.  As a result, you are sure to see an increase in your utility bills.  When your AC system is forced to work harder and longer it puts a substantial strain on your system which can, over time, lead to frozen coils, overheating and a variety of other HVAC problems as well.  The additional wear and tear that is put on your system can also shorten the lifespan of your system.

Pet hair and dander will eventually make its way into your air ducts which is why it is so important to have annual inspections of your HVAC system performed.  Our AC repair techs, when performing an inspection, will be on the lookout for openings, gaps, and other sections of your air ducts that are not properly air sealed.  If the ductwork is not properly sealed it will easily contribute to air pollution in your home and minimize the quality of the air in your living space.  Typically, pet hair and dander will be blown out into your home’s atmosphere at some point in the cooling or heating cycle thereby reducing your indoor air quality.

The qualified technicians here at M&A HVAC Services are equipped to perform effective air sealing in your home so as to minimize entry points into your HVAC system for your pet’s hair and dander.

Yes, our pets are truly a part of the family and just like other family members can contribute to everyday challenges.  In the case of our pets, those challenges 9 times out of 10, result in polluted air in the home and decreased air quality as a result of their hair, fur and pet dander.  If you are experiencing a poor quality of air in your home and are in need of an HVAC inspection, air sealing or any other type of HVAC services or repairs, then surely you have come to the right place.  The professionals here at M&A HVAC Services, LLC stand ready to meet your every need and look forward to providing you with the best all round HVAC repairs and services this side of Hendersonville.  Don’t delay.  Contact our friendly team of HVAC specialists and let us help improve the air quality in your home today!